God Has A Plan

Big news today!  We’re happy to announce that we are unexpectedly expecting BABY #3! While it’s commonplace and even easy to say, “God has a plan,” it’s harder to comprehend that His plan transcends our understanding of time. This new baby comes as a complete surprise for our family!  Christine just gave away our last bags of baby toys and unopened boxes of diapers before Christmas.   We have a lot to prepare for and the new addition will change a lot of what we had planned for 2018.  However, our new baby, due on September 6th, does not change our plan to adopt—he or she is simply adjusting our timeline to fit with what God truly intends for us.

The journey to adopt, as we’ve written about before, is quite the emotional investment.  As we went deeper into the process, we found ourselves connecting with some of the actual waiting children.  We reviewed their files, read about their favorite foods, watched videos and smiled at their photos. We thought of them often, hoped for them, prayed for them. It’s difficult to let go of those kids who so deservingly need families simply because this plan isn’t happening when we thought it would.  While it’s not easy, we do have faith this is God’s plan and believe our adopted child(ren) are waiting for us a couple years down the road, and we will continue to hope and pray for them, wherever they are, as we do for our son, daughter, and our unborn baby.  The adoption specialist is maintaining our file and we will be updating and completing the home study documents 24-36 months from now instead of this spring.

The path to adoption is a long and winding one, and the Grodek Family Adoption Journey is proving to be just that. Luckily, we’re in the long haul and there will be one more Grodek to welcome our adopted child(ren) home—exactly when it’s meant to be.

Baby 3

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