Adoption comes with lots of questions and we know that if you are considering supporting us in any way, you likely want a lot more details!  So, we have answered some of the most basic questions about our adoption below and will add more specific information as we get farther along in the process.


We will likely be adopting a boy or girl between 2-6 years old.  We may or may not be given the option to choose gender based on the country program, but we don’t have a preference either way.  We will not be disrupting the birth order for our oldest two children, but may be matched with a child close to or older than our youngest.  We will know more as we get further in the process.

Most children adopted internationally also have some level of special need; however, special needs can range from mild to severe.  Some countries consider asthma or even being older than 5 years old as a special need whereas other countries’ programs host children with significant needs like down syndrome, blood disorders, or global developmental delays.  All of that is to say, our child will likely have some type of special need.  We will update this information with more details once we sign on with a specific country program.


We are deciding between programs in Thailand, the Philippines, and Colombia.  All of the countries have different requirements for the adopting parents, ranging from financial stability, to age, to marital status, and family background.  They also have different adoption procedures, which equates to different timelines for adoptions and different requirements of the adoptive family during the process and at the end of the journey when you bring the child home.  We are weighing all of the various specifics of each program and having in-depth conversations with our Holt Adoption Coordinator to choose the best fit for our family.  We will sign on with a specific country program by the time our home study is completed in September.


Adopting internationally is a lengthy process.  From the start of the paperwork to traveling to bring our child home will likely be 2-3 years.  Some programs with waiting children can move quicker whereas other programs with slower processes can take up to 4 or 5 years.  The novel Coronavirus pandemic adds a unique obstacle to compiling all of our paperwork while state departments and government offices may be closed or operating with limited staff, so we continue to pray for patience and hope we are able to complete our requirements without too much delay.


We have always wanted to grow our family, but going through three high risk pregnancies and premature births and knowing there are so many orphans around the world that need homes, we felt like adoption was the right choice for us.  We feel like we have the room in our hearts and in our home for another child and look forward to growing our family through adoption.  You can also read more about how we arrived at our decision to adopt on our previous blog posts.


“How are we going to do this?” is the first question we asked ourselves when we started to consider adoption.  We had a lot of doubt at the onset of this journey, but realized that our faith was the answer to this question.  We are first relying on God, prayers, and family and friend encouragement to get us through this emotional process.  All adopted children come with an inevitable level of trauma so we will be reading a lot of books, completing adoption training courses, and talking to other adoptive families about how to best prepare for our adopted child. In terms of adoption costs, we have set some money aside, established donation pages, will apply for grants, and host fundraisers throughout the process.

If you have more specific questions about our adoption journey, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly!